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How-to Stay True to Yourself

As much as I enjoy fashion-forward attire, I will always love classic style.  I'm sure you guys know this already, but I personally enjoy keeping things simple, clean, and polished.  I'm not trying to make a big in-your-face statement on a day-to-day basis.  I mean, my blog's name is Sensible Stylista after all.  Runway pieces are totally gorgeous, but honestly, how many of us could (or would) actually wear them daily? 
Even if I could afford to deck myself out in high-fashion garb all day err day, I wouldn't because it's just not me. You don't need to purchase trendy new pieces each week and spend a fortune on your wardrobe to look good. What's "hot" in the fashion world may not necessarily work for you, and that's totally ok.  Who cares if "x" and "y" are trending?  Wear what you want and be hella confident about it all because at the end of the day, your happiness is most important.  Trust me, if you feel good, you'll look good.

If you're constantly seeking the approval of others, you may as well just ask to feel like sh*t all day long. You can't please everyone - it's just a fact of reality.  There's always going to be someone out there who's hating on you - your style, your looks, your accomplishments, whatever.  You can't control what they think or say about you, but you can control how they and their words affect your emotions.  Wear whatever you want, whenever you want. Embrace yourself fully, and don't ever apologize for being yourself.  And if people give you sh*t? Tell them to go eff off.  You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.  Life's too short to deal with BS!  End rant.
[Back to today's OOTD, ha] I centered today's look around my new lace-up top from Velvet Heart.  I paired it with high-waisted skinny jeans to mask potential muffin top and threw on my fave black duster to up my layering game. I accessorized with animal print boots and reflective sunnies courtesy of Freyrs.  If you're looking for cute but affordable eyewear, make sure to check them out!  I really like all their designs - I own a bunch of different pairs, and I find them all flattering.  Plus, they offer free US shipping so there's that. 

Top:  c/o Velvet Heart || Boots:  Nine West || Jacket:  Sosie || Jeans:  Bongo || Bag:  YSL || Sunglasses: c/o Freyrs
 Shot by the fabulous Sung Shin.

Sensible Stylista Eats: Silver

Alright everyone, I'm super excited to tell you guys all about my latest food adventure with Justin (aka DCFoodPorn).  We went to Silver in Bethesda, MD last week to get our nom on for lunch.  I seriously felt like I had died and gone to food heaven! We got to try a bunch of different dishes - all of which were super delish.
We started thangs off with nomtastic drinks.  We ordered a Heath Bar milkshake (made with breyers ice cream) and a Beachbum cocktail (made with bacardi, blackwell rum, apricot brandy, pineapple, and lime).  We sipped on them while looking over apps.  Everything looked BOMB so it was a hard decision, but we ended up going with Creekstone Angus sliders and Tuna Tartare.  
DCFoodPorn werking it.
A close-up snap of our sliders!  They also have black bean veggie + wasabi salmon ones.
Our tuna tartare!  Marinated in a ponzu sauce with chunks of avocado, garnished with micro greens and dressed with lime peanut dressing - comes with a side of crispy wontons.  Available in a half + whole portion!
Then, we ordered 3 different entrees to share for our main course:  Caramel French Toast, Pan Seared Scallops, and Carolina Shrimp Picatta.  Sooo, let's just go in order.  If you're a fan of all things sweet, the french toast will blow your mind.  This plate of deliciousness was coated in maple sugar + salted caramel drizzle. 
The scallops were on POINT.  They were perfectly cooked and flavored with MD Bay seasoning, lemon garlic sauce, feta, cilantro and served on a bed of wilted spinach (!!!!) They came with mashed butternut squash and mixed vegetables.  I didn't take a photo of the shrimp dish, but that was also super nomtastic.  It was dressed in a scrumptious lemon garlic caper sauce and garnished with italian parsley - it came with the same side dishes mentioned above.  FYI, both of these fabulous plates were under 600 calories each.  I love that they offer a lighter menu here!
Conclusion:  I'll be back to try their other dishes soon!  If you live in the DMV area, head on over and try 'em out. Their grub is definitely on the pricier side, but remember that you're paying for quality noms.  A huge thanks to Silver for having us!  

How-to Rock Date Night Like a Boss: 3 Easy Ways to Slay

Alright guys, we're tackling date night garb today on SS - I've been getting several emails regarding the topic so I figured it'd be a good subject to blog about. Before we get into everything, I want to emphasize that these are NOT first date outfit ideas (that's an entirely different subject all together, and I'll be addressing that another day).  We're gonna talk about ways you can spice up your outfit game!  Sooo, let's get to it!
1.  Make a statement with kickass accessories.  Don't be afraid to go all out! It is night time after all. I treated my LBD as a neutral canvas and dressed it up with edgy pieces for fun (to see more photos, click here).  If you're afraid you're gonna overdo it, just keep a few things in mind.  Sidebar:  I'm all about wearing whatever the hell you want so if YOU love your look, don't second sh*t.  I'm simply sharing tips with those of you who want some extra help.  Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to it!

a.  If you're wearing a bunch of vibrant colors together at once, don't mix metals.
b.  Bold jewelry + simple outfits = optimal combination
c.  Wear ONE statement piece at a time.
d.  Take your bag + shoes into consideration when thinking about your accessory game.
2.  Grow an inch...or 5 with sky high heels.  Confession: I totally have a thing with height - I've always wanted to be super tall, but that didn't quite work out for me, ha.  Luckily, I can "grow" as much as I want with fashion!  Yay for visual illusions.  Here's how I pull off my trickery.  

First, pick out a killer maxi dress that's sexy as hell but drags like nobody's business.  Then, pair it with 5" ankle-strap heels for max comfort + security.  The straps are hella important because they'll keep your shoes ON your feet.  You won't have to worry about them slipping off and (inevitably) making a fool out of yourself by falling flat on your face.  Lastly, make sure your dress still grazes the ground a slight bit so no one sees how high your heels actually are!  To see more snaps from this look, click here.

3.  Rock BAMF cut-outs.  I don't know what it is, but there's just something mad sexy about showing unexpected bits of skin.  Pass on the "traditional" plunge neckline + backless cut and experiment with something different to mix things up!  Try wearing pieces with cutout waists, arms, and necklines.  To see more from this look, click here.